Smart Technologies for Learning

As part of the REACT project, the subproject competence has developed smart learning technologies. By challenging the traditional learning principles and implementing new solutions, totally new learning experiences are created. By the new year, we will have the first prototype of the next generation of the Software Development Academy’s learning system.

Learning as a Service

One of Sweden’s most successful education companies relies on our strategic and operational support. In less than a year, the company has taken on major challenges in the education industry and gained significant market share. Starting in November 2020, this start-up has become one of Sweden’s leading education providers with a new business model.

Fordonsdalen – React

Fordonsdalen is an EU mission aimed at making the automotive industry greener and more digital. Supporting KTH’s sub-projects that focus on skills transfer in order to meet future competition and requirements is the purpose of this assignment.

Hallo World!

After four years as an employee, we are now resuming our consulting business with a few assignments. As of right now, it is too early to predict whether this will mean driving full steam again with the consulting business. However, it’s fun to contribute to the growth of exciting companies.