About Us

We deliver measurable business results through strategic solutions that meet both market needs and company objectives.

What we do

Expansive thinkers

We challenge you to think new and different. We give you instruments to take your ideas to reality and design strategies that exceed wanted results.

Adopters to change

We give you instruments and tools to cope with constant change. We help you develop your leadership and your employees to function in changing environments with trust.

Digital fluent

We connect the digital to your business so that you can get smart solutions which now create completely new opportunities and businesses.

Persistent for results

We support you to be persistent and focused in your work so that the desired results are achieved.

Creators of learning cultures

We help you use learning as an active instrument to create change and results. With smart solutions, we develop commitment and loyalty that gives the power to change.

Global connectors

We give you access to a global community of experts and cutting-edge organizations that can inspire and engage you for your next steps in change.

Examples of assignments

Interim CEO – for a > 200 Mkr Company

Our client had ended up in an unsustainable situation and needs to change the executive management immediately to cope with the crisis that was.

The assignment was to immediately create peace and trust for the board of the organization, handle the crisis and create conditions for the future CEO.

The result after 6 months exceeded the chairman’s expectations and the company was able to enter a next phase.

Strategy & Brand – Business transformation for a New market

Our client was facing a new market situation with new competitors and completely new conditions

The assignment was to develop a strategy where the brand was the driving force for a rapid new market position.

The result was a brand transfer, the establishment of digital marketing and new e-commerce, as well as extensive skills transfer.

HR support – A Journey of competence

Our client needed to make a comprehensive transition from traditional production to green and sustainable.

The assignment was to support the CEO who had shared HR responsibility with the CFO to secure the HR perspectives in the adjustment journey.

The result was a competence and cultural journey that the organization itself could continue to work with.


Hallo World!

After four years as an employee, we will now sneak up the consulting business again with a few smaller assignments. Whether this means driving full again with the consulting business is today too early to say. But, it’s fun to contribute to the continued development of exciting businesses.

Our mission

is to create growth and prosperity for our clients by leveraging innovative change.

We believe that many companies have arrived at the end-of-the-road in terms of cost cutting. Further cuts will impede healthy growth and hurt development of new offerings. The business model must be re-invented to achieve sustainable profitable growth.

To create headroom and free up resources our extensive experience tells us that a fact-based review of on-going efforts and how they link to the desired strategic objectives is a good way to start. Other than eliminating contradicting or less productive activities this will create the frame needed to re-think the business’ current ways of addressing innovation and market trends.

We are independent senior advisors with extensive experience in corporate transformation initiatives and with a special focus on digitalisation and its implications.