About Us

Using strategic insights and solutions that meet both market needs and company objectives, we deliver measurable business results.

What we do

Expansive thinkers

Taking your ideas to reality and designing strategies that exceed what is expected of you is what we challenge you to do.

Adopters to change

Developing your leadership and your employees to function in changing environments with trust is what we help you with.

Digital fluent

By connecting the digital to your business, you are able to get smart solutions that create brand new business opportunities.

Persistent for results

You will get the desired results if you are persistent and focused in your work. We support you.

Creators of learning cultures

Learn how to use learning to create change and results with smart solutions that create loyalty and commitment.

Global connectors

Our global community of experts and cutting-edge organizations can inspire and engage your next steps in change.

Examples of assignments

Interim CEO – for a > 200 Mkr Company

A client of ours had ended up in an unsustainable situation and needs to change management as soon as possible in order to deal with the crisis.

The assignment was to immediately regain control of the organization, restore trust among the board, and lay the groundwork for the future CEO.

The results after six months exceeded the chairman and board’s expectations and the company was able to move forward.

Strategy & Brand – Business transformation for a New market

The client was facing a new market situation with new competitors and completely different circumstances.

As part of the assignment, we were to develop a strategy that would put the brand as the driving force for a rapid ascent in the market. 

The result was a brand transfer, digital marketing, new e-commerce, and extensive skills transfer.

HR support – A Journey of competence

We needed to make a comprehensive transition from traditional production to green and sustainable services for our client.

The assignment was to support the CEO, who shared HR responsibility with the CFO, in the process of adjustment.

As a result, the organization itself had a competence and cultural journey it could use in the future.


Smart Technologies for Learning

As part of the REACT project, the subproject competence has developed smart learning technologies. By challenging the traditional learning principles and implementing new solutions, totally new learning experiences are created. By the new year, we will have the first prototype of the next generation of the Software Development Academy’s learning system.

Learning as a Service

One of Sweden’s most successful education companies relies on our strategic and operational support. In less than a year, the company has taken on major challenges in the education industry and gained significant market share. Starting in November 2020, this start-up has become one of Sweden’s leading education providers with a new business model.

Fordonsdalen – React

Fordonsdalen is an EU mission aimed at making the automotive industry greener and more digital. Supporting KTH’s sub-projects that focus on skills transfer in order to meet future competition and requirements is the purpose of this assignment.

Our mission

By leveraging innovative change, we strive to create growth and prosperity for our clients.

In terms of cost cutting, many companies have reached the end of the road. Any further cuts will hinder healthy growth and development of new products. In order to achieve sustainable profitable growth, the business model needs to be reinvented.

To create headroom and free up resources, our extensive experience has taught us a fact-based review of on-going efforts and how they relate to desired strategic objectives is a good place to begin. As well as eliminating contradictory or less productive activities, this strategy will create the frame needed for re-thinking the business’ current approach to addressing innovation and market trends.

Our company is comprised of independent advisors with a special focus on digital transformation and its implications.